IBC Second Place Winners! – Part 3

Other musicians from different venues showed up to jam and we didn’t stop until almost 3:00am! At around 2:30am, one of the Blues Foundation figureheads came in to give us the news about which bands were advancing. I was scurrrrrrr’d. Everyone was so great! I mean, I felt confident but still… you never know!

WE MADE IT!!!! So we were to be at the semifinals the next night. At The Superior! That was Trampled Under Foot’s Semifinal venue before they went to the finals and WON in 2008 so it felt like a GREAT omen!

We get there and the musicianship stepped up tenfold. Dave Shelley and BluesTone from South Florida played right before us and I was like, uh oh! :) AMAZING! They had a giant crew and an amazing set! I have to tell you that being from Cleveland and seeing the sea of Cleveland faces with the Kansas City Blues Society Crew made me quite emotional! I was like, WOW! This isn’t about us, it’s about all of them. Everyone that ever believed in this young but mighty band… WOW. Besides THAT… The Trampled Underfoot Brothers, Nick and Kris showed up and so did Leveetown! My ex-husband was there, too! He played organ for my friend Patrick McLaughlin and even though they didn’t advance, they were there to cheer us on. That was more important to me than they will ever know. Seriously! So we did our set and we were received SO WELL!!!! I turned to the band and was like, we did our best so now… let’s get a beer!

A jam ensued at The Superior! Our KCBS President Joe Sherrick on bass, Brandon and Jan and Jimmy from LeveeTown, Tiffany Marie from Springfield, MO and a bunch of other musicians from the Challenge were jamming! Then Adam Constantine, my ex on keys, his friend Pete Simon on guitar, Bruce got up on harp too! FINALLY. We got the word. MARY BRIDGET DAVIES GROUP is going to the FINALS!!!!! I cried. It was joy. It was pride. It was relief and it was sadness that my parents couldn’t be there. We celebrated for maybe another half hour and then I was like “I’ve gotta get some sleep!” Since the finals started at 2:00pm

SO I slept like crap, lol! Nerves! I had a dress for the finals, but didn’t think it was good enough so I woke up way early and went to a department store and found exactly what I needed. We got to The Orpheum and started watching the bands. EVERYONE was top notch. We were last! Lionel Young Band played right before us and WOW. I can see how he won the solo/duo category a few years before. He is amazing and brought with him a stellar band! We got up, did our thing and I felt very proud that we had even made it to the finals… So when they announced that second place goes to the KANSAS CITY BLUES SOCIETY?! I was so proud of us! I was totally choked up, lol. But I thanked the ones that made this happen. Our band, Kansas City Blues Society, my parents and CLEVELAND OHIO!