Blues from the Top Festival

What a weekend!  Started off with a BANG! MB sat in with Nick Moss and the Flip Tops, wow! Great way to kick off the weekend! He and his wife, Kate, have an amazing 7 year old daughter Sadie Mae who got up and sang?! AMAZING! She even wrote the tune she sang. When I was seven I was catching lightening bugs in a jar :) So cool!

Same night our band did a club date at Ullr’s. Our family has a couple new members… Chris Hazelton on keys/Hammond/mind-control :) and Pete Carroll on trumpet! ( We are borrowing him from Al Green but hopefully he falls in love with us and stays!)

Our set Saturday afternoon on the mainstage felt so comfortable. Like we have been playing together, on a daily basis, for years! After us was Girls with Guitars! KC native Samantha Fish with Britain’s Dani Wilde and daughter of legendary bluesman, Cassie Taylor. WOW! John Nemeth’s Soul Review followed in stellar fashion. THEN, it was Nick Moss and the Flip Tops. Nick’s brother Joe came up and played and sent a lot of love to their parents who were at the festival… so cool!

Saturday night jam was EPIC! Samantha Fish on guitar with me on vox, Kate Moss on bass, Chris Hazelton on keys and Patrick Seals on drums. JUST… incredible. Nick and Co. were bringing it all night before we were lucky enough to jam together but yeah, wow is all I can say!

Sunday… I got to witness Jimmy Hall. PERIOD! Albert Cummings was spectacular as were the rest of the Sunday line up but Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie) is STRAIGHT from my youth and helped me connect the feeling of soul from my heart and ears to my mouth. Incredible. Called my Mother during “Keep on Smiling” and I was crying tears of joy. That I could be watching that band live… wow. By the time the festival was over Sunday it was only 7:30pm… I was in bed by 9:00pm. So drained and reeling from the great experience!