Wanna Feel Somethin’ – Press Release

“Seldom is there an artist that makes me stop in my tracks. Ms. Davies’ voice explodes with a truth and passion seldom ever heard. Like a hurricane she obliterates anything coming before her and sets a new standard. Not only is she on pitch, but her delivery is perfect. She defines each song with such a command that it is almost hard to imagine anyone else singing them but her.” Mark Brian Sonna, Pegasus News

The majority of the songs on Mary Bridget Davies’ debut blues release Wanna Feel Somethin’, are originals written by herself combined with arrangement and lyrical skills of her whole band. The band members are clearly collaborators and work very well together. Davies provides both music lovers and the industry with well written, meaningful and soulfully executed songs. All of Davies originals on this album are familiar, yet new, beginning with ‘Your Kinda Love’ (Gary Roberts bass/vocals). The familiar sounds of Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon are punched out of the gate by the new and dynamic voice of Davies, who leaves one searching for who she sounds like. Ultimately, one comes to the conclusion that she has many influences, but has a signature voice all her own.

The next track, a traditional sounding blues dance number ‘Won’t pay You Mind’, was written by the regular band members (Dave Hayes guitar/vocals, Gary Roberts bass/vocals, Joe Voye drums/vocals and Mary Davies vocals). These four musicians are the nucleus writing and performing crew of the Mary Bridget Davies Group providing this release with four out of ten songs credited. Gary Roberts has a total of six writing credits on this album and Davies a total of five.

In the next original track titled ‘Same Ol’ Blues,’ Davies invokes the spirit of Joplin while sustaining her identity and keeping the mood and groove silky and smooth. We get to explore the rhythm and soul side of Davies band with ‘Real Thing,‘ which is a fine transition from the true 70’s sound and the Neo-Soul movement that is so in vogue this decade. The haunting dirty low-end slide accompanied by Davies raising up the spirit in ‘Getting’ Stronger‘ and ‘Trick The Devil’ are fine fusions of Delta Blues and tasty Gospel-witnessing vocal technique. The title track, ‘Wanna Feel Somethin’,’ shows us the band’s funky side and will at least leave a creak in your neck if not break it from bouncing back and forth.

The cover songs that were selected on the album are clever, well thought-out and in some cases down-right dangerous choices. By the grace above, they all come off well. The jazzy interpretation and rearrangement of ‘Wonderwall’ (N. Gallager) is ambitious and well executed. ‘Take it to The Limit‘ (D. Henley, R. Meisner, G. Frey) and ‘Thunder and Lightnin’’ (C. Coltrane) are two other great covers that this highly proficient group of musicians conquered where many others have failed.

Davies band is a noteworthy example of the positive evolution of the traditional blues genre in a 21st Century world. The majority of their songs are radio friendly. Most of them have average play times, under four minutes, and there are interesting selections of classic covers that have been rearranged and recorded in a pleasing manner that will entertain all who simply want to hear good music.

Charley Burch, Producer & Writer

“We’re into the game,” says Davies. “Blues fans are dedicated. And to be accepted by that caliber of fans and musicians — to me, that’s making it.”